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In our lab we develop and test new products with a focus on video streaming, AI technologies, entertainment and game mechanics.

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With EVA AI, we are striving to create the highest quality Artificial life product, which immerses people into the virtual world. The app allows to build a new form of relationship with an AI person who always listens, responds, and understands you. Journey has their own character and can share their thoughts and emotions as they get to know the user.

XOXO is an inclusive dating app for open-minded people, one  focused on getting to know others through their personalities. It is a safe space for people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and appearances.

Sdg Lab xoxo

Magnet is a social discovery game, where at the initial stage, instead of photos, users create their avatars based on selfies and add short statements about their interests and hobbies. If users like each other, they get access to real photos and start their relationship journey, passing various levels, stages and discoveries, just as in an exciting game.

Sdg Lab magnet

Tubit is a platform where everyone can become a star and monetize their talent thanks to an audience of several tens of millions of people around the world. the streaming module for delivering high-quality video and audio streams is already running on 10+ products, and we plan to actively expand this list.

Sdg Lab tubit

BamBam is a video chat service that will take online communication to a new level, thanks to augmented reality technologies, AI and smart multi-language translation. BamBam application will unite people with different cultural traditions, beliefs and interests, erasing the boundaries that once separated us.

Sdg Lab bambam