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February 9, 2023 / 19:00 (GMT+4), Online

Algorithms of Love. Machine Learning in Social Discovery

Social Discovery Group is shaping the future of the dating industry. More than 250 million users around the world enjoy our services sending 75+ million messages daily. Behind all this is a team of skilled analysts and data engineers, building algorithms for finding Love. During the free online webinar, we unveiled what’s behind the scenes of online dating.

Our experts dwelled on how we drive traffic to our platforms and retain users with a content recommendation system. We shared our experience in creating an In-House DSP - a full ad tech stack for programmatic real-time bidding. And on top of that, we gave insights into matchmaking algorithms and showed how ML helps millions of people to find love online.

Algorithms of Love. Machine Learning in Social Discovery


To Find Love on a First Data. Matchmaking Algorithms
Speakers - Victoria Ismailova, Chief Data Officer
Artem Kuzin, Head of Data Engineers Group at Social Discovery Group
How We Set Up an In-House Demand-Side Platform. Bidding strategies
Speaker - Aleksandr Piskotin, Machine Learning Engineer at Social Discovery Group