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Social Discovery Group is a global technology company that builds the future of social discovery apps at the intersection of dating, social, and entertainment. Our portfolio includes 70 platforms with a focus on AI, game mechanics, and video streaming. We actively support and invest in social discovery startups worldwide through our CVC fund.

More than 500 million people across 150 different countries enjoy our products. We strive to have 10 times as many.

Our international team of 1200 professionals and digital nomads works all over the world. Together we are solving the prevalent problem of loneliness and shaping Social Life 3.0 — a new digital reality where people will be able to fulfill their needs for communication and attention from other people and artificial life forms.

Our values:


We create new digital reality

We offer our users to go on a digital journey. There they will get to know other people, artificial life forms and their own selves. We are creating Social Life 3.0.

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We work with the best

We have assembled a team of professionals in high-load and failsafe systems, mobile development, machine learning, data analysis and other progressive areas. Our employees work in international teams and focus on the development of products with an audience of more than 250 million.

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We solve ambitious tasks

We use the best technology stacks to launch new industry-changing projects. With their help, users around the world send more than a million messages daily and participate in thousands of video calls.

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We develop our expertise

We believe that training is a powerful tool for the development of both an individual employee and the entire company. Our Leadership Development Club, the program for Young Executive Development, has won the Wow HR Award. We provide internal training in time management, emotional intelligence, negotiation, presentation and leadership skills.

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We value friendly atmosphere

We believe that the atmosphere in the team influences the success of the company. That's why we regularly hold internal events, team buildings and organize offsite corporate parties. We create opportunities for our team to communicate and realize their creative potential.

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We grow together

We appreciate and encourage the “ownership" approach, when an employee is not limited to formal duties and sees how the results of his work affect the company as a whole. We are always "for" new and unconventional ideas.

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We erase boundaries

We create and support high-tech products for users from North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. You will become part of a multicultural team that unites 11 countries and 5 continents. this is a great opportunity to improve your English, exchange experience, expand your borders and get acquainted with the cultural peculiarities of different countries.

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