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SDG: You can work with us even from space

Launch global products

Our socially impactful products are widely used across all Tier-1 markets. Being a large enterprise, we maintain a passionate entrepreneurial spirit. We grow and change rapidly, integrate innovative technologies, and actively seek new ideas in social discovery. Every employee is encouraged to contribute ideas, and each suggestion is valued and heard.

Work with visionaries

Joining our team, you gain the opportunity to work with international professionals with a proven track record of launching global products. We stand at the forefront of the social discovery industry, understanding its direction and setting trends for the future.

Grow as an expert

SDG fosters a culture of knowledge-sharing. We have a mentorship system and encourage employees to complete professional courses at the company's expense. Additionally, our team actively participates in international conferences and organizes expert meetups and webinars.

Become a digital nomad

Our employees operate globally and frequently participate in business trips and team-building activities around the world. We believe that digital nomads are the pioneers of our time, poised to transform the world and themselves. Their lifestyle enables them to work from anywhere, drawing constant inspiration from the diverse cultures of various countries — an approach we deeply covet.

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