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We create a comfortable environment for our team and opportunities to maintain a balance between work, health and personal life.

We care about health

There is a Voluntary Medical Insurance program for all employees. It includes such additional services* as: dentistry, rehabilitation treatment for COVID-19 recovery, cancer insurance, check-up examinations, telemedicine, psychological support line and discounted insurance for relatives.

* Conditions may vary depending on the location

SDG: Health and wellness benefits

We do sports together

Physical activity is the best way to regroup. That’s why we arrange regular yoga classes, sports tournaments and even created our own running club- RUN SDG RUN. Our employees also have access to AllSport, a unified sports subscription, as well as office massages*.

* Conditions may vary depending on the location

SDG: Sports and Physical ActivityRUN SDG RUN running team

We value friendly atmosphere

We believe that the atmosphere in the team influences the success of the company. We meet at our offsite corporate events, attended by the teams from the offices around the world, we have regular team building events and organize online quizzes, masterclasses and lectures.

SDG: A friendly and welcoming communitySummer corporate party 2018

We develop our expertise

We pay great attention to training and development of our team. That’s why we regularly organize internal training sessions and hold Leadership Development Club, a program for young managers and development of their leadership skills. We send our employees to attend industry conferences and specialized training programs, give them the opportunity to get an MBA and study at the best universities in the world - Berkley, INSEAD and Harvard University.

You can also improve your English at the SkyEng online school as part of the corporate program and get full access to the MIF digital library.

SDG: Sharing experiences and knowledgeInterview with Maxim Didenko, director, choreographer and Elena Boiko, HR Director at internal project for young leaders Leadership Development Club

We travel the world

As our team operates globally, we regularly send employees on trips for team building and strategic sessions. Our colleagues also attend industry conferences in various locations.

SDG: Travel and Exploration OpportunitiesSummer corporate party in Riga 2019

We develop creativity

We believe that art inspires innovation, and this belief is at the core of our Art & Technology program. It comprises regular museum visits, meetings with artists, contemporary art lectures, and workshops.

SDG: Creativity and InnovationGarage Museum of Contemporary Art

We encourage effective work

We have a flexible bonus system. We reward employees for outstanding task results, completing important projects, successful recommendations for open vacancies and, naturally, for loyalty and high performance.

SDG: Encouragement and motivation

We give branded gifts

We have our own line of branded clothing and accessories with corporate characters for any occasion. We give customized branded souvenirs upon being hired, on professional holidays and all corporate events.

SDG: Branded merchandise

We develop a culture of gratitude

We believe that gratitude is a powerful tool for developing an atmosphere of support within the team. We have an internal gamified gratitude system where all employees can receive bonuses from colleagues and exchange them for time off, branded goods and spa, sports or concert certificates.

SDG: Gratitude and AppreciationSummer corporate party 2018

We support your relocation

Our team of professionals and digital nomads works all over the world. We encourage our team members to choose any location in the world and support their relocation. We have a relocation bonus package for our employees and their families to comfortably settle down in the new place and cover additional expenses. We also provide assistance in organizing relocation-related documentation, employment contracts, help with relocation logistics, accommodation support, financial, tax and legal services and obtaining residence permit in the designated locations.

SDG: Support and Relocation Assistance

We encourage employees to share their expertise

SDG Jedi Order is an ambassador program for employees. Our colleagues from all over the world help to promote SDG mission in real and virtual spaces. Jedi write expert articles, perform at industry conferences, and gain benefits and merch for their contribution.

SDG: We encourage employees to share their expertise