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March 13 / 19:00 GMT+4, Online Webinar

Optimizing React: Web & Beyond

Are you tired of wrestling with React, trying to craft apps that can handle a multitude of users and functionalities? Watch the webinar by Social Discovery Group to explore the boundless possibilities of React.

SDG experts honed their skills through the development of 70 dating & entertainment platforms, serving over 500 mln users worldwide. We understand the challenges of scaling applications to meet the needs of a vast user base while maintaining optimal performance. During our React webinar, we explored techniques to optimize React apps and reduce the device load. As tech lovers, we also covered how React extends beyond the web and powers video editing, 3D graphics, and bots.

Optimizing React: Web & Beyond


Memoization in React and How to Break it
Speaker - Sergey Levkovich, Senior Software Engineer, SDG
React Beyond the Web
Speaker - Victor Livshits, Software Engineer, SDG
How to Optimize React Apps with SSR and React Server Components
Speaker - Alex Chuduk, Tech Lead, SDG