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Details on the upcoming events<br>will be available soon

Details on the upcoming events
will be available soon

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Optimizing React: Web & Beyond
March 13 / 19:00 GMT+4, Online WebinarOptimizing React: Web & Beyond

Are you tired of wrestling with React, trying to craft apps that can handle a multitude of users and functionalities? Watch the webinar by Social Discovery Group to explore the boundless possibilities of React.

Marketing and AI: What's Next?
November 28, 2023 / 19:00 GMT+4, Online WebinarMarketing and AI: What's Next?

AI has seized the spotlight this year, leaving its mark on every industry. A big part of the conversation is: will digital marketing be changed forever? The answer lies in our webinar.

2-3 October, 2023 / Istanbul, TurkeyEMERGE

Social Discovery Group partnered with EMERGE, the New East's premier conference uniting startups, technology experts, and investors. After the EMERGE Dubai event, the conference returned with a new edition in Istanbul, and the SDG team couldn't pass up the chance to connect with its big tech community.

TechCrunch Disrupt
19-21 September, 2023 / San Francisco, USATechCrunch Disrupt

Social Discovery Group is excited to share the highlights of our presence at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 — the world's largest and most prestigious tech conference, that brought together over 13,000 tech enthusiasts, investors, and startup founders in San Francisco.

Reflect Festival
20-21 September, 2023 / Limassol, CyprusReflect Festival

Reflect annually invites doers from all over the world to Limassol's coast to brainstorm ideas, forge new connections, and strengthen collaboration within the region. This year, the event hosted over 7000 attendees and 200+ groundbreaking startups. Social Discovery Group stepped in as a bronze partner, making our mark on this vibrant tech festival.

Financing vs Bootstrapping
18:00 July, 14 / Silosi, BelgradeFinancing vs Bootstrapping

Social Discovery Group brings together global tech entrepreneurs and VCs in social discovery to demystify the challenges associated with raising funds and explore alternative funding options. The event will provide practical insights and best practices for entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap their ventures.

EMERGE Conference
May 28-29, 2023 / UAE, Dubai, EMERGEEMERGE Conference

This year, Social Discovery Group became a partner of EMERGE, a renowned conference connecting startups and tech talent with global investment, business, and career opportunities.

GDI Conference
March 30, 2023 / USA, New YorkGDI Conference

Social Discovery Group has recently participated in Global Dating Insights 2023 — one of the main industry conferences. Our CIO Bill Alena gave a compelling presentation highlighting that intimacy is a deep-rooted human need: 79% of young adults aged from 18 to 24 feel lonely and despite the technological advancements that have changed the way we communicate, the need for deep connections remains unchanged.

Product Management and Marketing: Bridging the Gap
March 30, 2023 / 19:00 (GMT+4), OnlineProduct Management and Marketing: Bridging the Gap

Social Discovery Group is starting a series of webinars and meetups for Product Managers and Startup Owners. We will explore the top product cases in social discovery and strategies that disrupt industries, delight customers, and drive growth. We will hear from experts who have successfully launched innovative products and learn from their experiences and insights.

Product Camp Сonference
March 15, 2023 / Cyprus, LimassolProduct Camp Сonference

Social Discovery Group has joined the Product Camp in Cyprus — one of the most vibrant IT conferences for professionals from digital product development teams. The event gathered 500 tech leaders from all over Europe.

Algorithms of Love. Machine Learning in Social Discovery
February 9, 2023 / 19:00 (GMT+4), OnlineAlgorithms of Love. Machine Learning in Social Discovery

Social Discovery Group is shaping the future of the dating industry. More than 250 million users around the world enjoy our services sending 75+ million messages daily. Behind all this is a team of skilled analysts and data engineers, building algorithms for finding Love. During the free online webinar, we unveiled what’s behind the scenes of online dating.

The Web3Souls Hackathon in the Metaverse
November 28 - December 5, 2022The Web3Souls Hackathon in the Metaverse

Social Discovery Group strives to shape the future of Social Life 3.0. We believe that Web 3 and metaverse technologies will enable people to build new types of relationships digitally across the world. With the unprecedented flexibility of Web 3, we are able to create a decentralized society that will help us overcome the limitations of the ecosystem we are living in.

Social Discovery Group at the Web Summit
November 1-4, 2022 / Lisbon, PortugalSocial Discovery Group at the Web Summit

Social Discovery Group joined Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon. We presented there our products that allow people to connect and socialize in digital reality. In addition, our CSO KJ Dhaliwal hosted a masterclass on how gaming, AR/VR, Web3, and metaverse help to build relationships digitally across the world. He shared how SDG creates a new market category — Social Discovery 3.0. — through building services based on new principles of communication.

UX\UI in Social Discovery
October, 27, 2022 / Yerevan, The LOFT, Moskovyan Street 3UX\UI in Social Discovery

As experts in Social Discovery, we believe that designers determine the speed of our lives moving online. People are now eager to build their social connections in virtual worlds - especially if their UX\UI is thought-out to the smallest detail. Designers are creating a new world that turns the e-space of online communication into a comfort zone for billions of users seeking soulmates. This is upping the bar for user experience and user interface designs and underlining the key role they play in social discovery products.

Social Life 3.0
September, 15, 2022 / HaRabi MiBachrach St 6, Tel Aviv-YafoSocial Life 3.0

Social 3.0 means how we meet new people for work, romantic partnerships, and friendships; how we maintain relationships; how we communicate for work & fun; what kind of people we interact with, and which communities we belong to. At our private event in Tel Aviv, we discussed the future of Social Life and how it will evolve with the new technology: metaverse, blockchain, AR/VR.

WeBoat 3.0 Meetup
July 14, 2022 / Cyprus, Limassol Marina, Catamaran SaloneWeBoat 3.0 Meetup

Metaverse - another buzzword or the next big thing?

Social Discovery Group in partnership with Linq Conference brings IT startup founders and investors together to discuss current issues of Web 3.0 and the future of metaverse.

Metaverse: building<br>new worlds for<br>entertainment
May 31, 2022 / Armenia, YerevanMetaverse: building
new worlds for

Is metaverse a trove for the entertainment industry? Perhaps, one day it will change the way we amuse ourselves and our avatars will visit virtual theaters, cinemas, music festivals, and theme parks.

The future of metaverse and artificial life forms
May 19, 2022 / Business yacht, Dubai, UAEThe future of metaverse and artificial life forms

Our reality is undergoing a historic transformation. AI and Metaverse are taking our world far beyond the limitations of physics and time. What's ahead of us?

Digital Nomad Hiring Week Hackathon
November 26-28, 2021Digital Nomad Hiring Week Hackathon

Thanks to the rise of digital and remote, we are able to push the barriers and discover the diversity of the world. Our team fully supports the Digital Nomad culture and believes it turns life into a great adventure. This is why we came up with the idea to organize Digital Nomad Hiring Weekend Hackathon.